Artist Research

Artist influences include David Bellingham, Pavel Büchler, Jeremy Deller, Ciara Phillips, Luis Camnitzer and Fatma Bucak.

David Bellingham, Words on a wall that's all, 2012

David Bellingham, Solar Eclipse, 2015

David Bellingham, Lemon, Yellow, Lemon, 1996-2010

David Bellingham, Something in the place of something else, 2012

Pavel Büchler, Fly, 2009

Pavel Büchler, Geometry, Physics and the Science of Life, exhibition, 2016

Pavel Büchler, No Time, 2011

Jeremy Deller, The History of the World, 1997-2004

Jeremy Deller, Another Time, Another Place, 2013

Ciara Phillips, Bloused & Mintier, 2015

Ciara Phillips, British Art Show 8, 2015-2016

Ciara Phillips, Turner Prize, 2014

Ciara Phillips, Systems of Saying It, 2017

Ciara Phillips, Systems of Saying It, 2017

Luis Camnitzer, This Is a Mirror, You Are a Written Sentence, 1966-1968

Luis Camnitzer, Please look away, 2015

Jeremy Deller, Strong and Stable My Arse, 2017

Luis Camnitzer, Tratado sobre el paisaje, 1996

Luis Camnitzer, Fenster [Ventana, Window], 2001-2002/2010

Luis Camnitzer, Monopoly, 2012-2017

Luis Camnitzer, A) Objeto Cubierto Por Su Propia Imagen, 1971-1974

Luis Camnitzer, Timelanguage, 2016

Fatma Bucak, Suggested place for you to see it, 2013

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